Bactol 2% Chlorhexidine 80ml Clinical Hand & Body Wash

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Features: Antiseptic hand and body wash solution with 2% w/v Chlorhexidine Gluconate Intended use: Clinical hand wash (Procedural antiseptic hand wash (non-surgical)), Topical antiseptic wash (pre-operative patient antiseptic body wash), Patient Body Wash (Presurgical prior to surgical or invasive procedures). 

Broad-spectrum bactericide
Pleasant fragrance
Superior lather with added emollients
Convenient pack size range

Bactol' 2% CHG is pH balanced and gentle on the skin with added moisturisers. Bactol' 2% CHG has a pleasant citrus fragrance and superior lathering properties. The best choice for patient safety.Learn More About the Bactol Family of Products

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