Bin Wheelie 120lt Yellow Bio-Hazard with S/Steel Foot Pedal

Sale price$559.50


The stainless steel, industrial-strength foot pedal allows the operator to partially open the wheelie bin lid, or fully open it for extended use, then close it when finished by use of the foot pedal. The operator need never touch the lid of the wheelie bin again – a truly hands-free open and close wheelie bin. The lid open height can also be set to suit specific requirements, where space above or behind the bin may be limited.The foot pedal device is securely attached to 60L, 80L, 120L, 140L, or 240L wheelie bins and cannot be removed from the bin (the device cannot be ‘borrowed’) – it is also fully compatible with, and does not interfere with, collection by waste trucks.The 120L Hospital Grade Foot Pedal Wheelie Bin has been designed specifically for industrial use.

Allows you to keep the lid of the bin closed at all times when the bin is not in use.
Prevent cross-contamination of viral and bacterial pathogens
Eliminate hygiene issues associated with touching the lid of a bin in areas where hygiene concerns are paramount.


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