Disposable Rigid Gynae Curette 7mm Curved Sterile C20

Sale price$232.90


Curved Rigid Uterine Curette allows for safe and effective suction during curettage procedures. Our disposable and sterile curettes are made of a transparent rigid medical resin that is equipped with molded markings for size and correct tip orientation. And for comfort and safety during uterine aspiration, the sterile gynecological suction curettes are designed with open, soft-ended tips to reduce tissue trauma.In addition, these curettes fit the majority of uterine aspiration tubing sets and handle on the market, including Medline’s. The curved curettes are available in a range of sizes for suction curettage procedure-related needs. 

Reduced perforation risk due to the smooth atraumatic tip and the depth gauge markings
Anatomically curved design to facilitate access to the anteverted uterus
Provides quick, simple aspiration port orientation by means of the linear markings

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