Sureprep No Sting Skin Protectant Wand 1ml

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reprep No-Sting Skin Protectant Wand is an alcohol-free, water-based, non-flammable polymer solution which dries quickly to form a durable protective membrane over the skin.
Protects intact or damaged skin from irritation caused by adhesive stripping, friction, bodily fluids. (1,2)
Safe for delicate skin (3)
Outperformed 3M Cavilon in controlled trials (4)
Fast drying (5)
Moisture-vapor permeable
Creates a waterproof barrier on periwound skin
Protection from friction and body fluids
Change frequency with every dressing
Indications: periwound skin, peristomal skin, damaged skin, skin tears, incontinence associated dermatitis.
Contraindicated for direct application to wound bed 1. Chakravarthy D, Falconio-West M. A Randomized, Controlled Trial of Two Sting Free Polymeric Skin Barrier Products, One Water Based, the Other Solvent Based. Presented at Clinical Symposium on Advances in Skin and Wound Care. Nashville, TN. 2007.2. Test data on file (independent lab).3. 510(k) K051082, WOVE, 2005.4. Shannon RJ, Chakravarthy D. Effect of a water-based no-sting, protective barrier formulation and a solvent containing similar formulation on skin protection from medical adhesive trauma. Int Wound J. 2009 Feb;6(1):82-8.5. Data on file.

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