Cutan Mark II Touchfree Wall Dispenser White 1 Ltr

Sale price$136.70


Deb Touch Free Ultra Foam Dispensing System Key Features: This dispenser is fitted with infrared sensing technology that will enhance the battery life by up to two times which then provides you with up to 5 years of operation, it is also the hygienic choice for soap dispensers as it is non-touch which reduces the risk of transferring germs Touch Free Ultra Foam Dispensing System is a powerful and easy-to-use dispenser, it also comes with a keyless non-locking option The item is designed to dispense the correct amount of soap for each application to reduce waste, it will produce 1,700 hand washes per cartridge Touch Free Ultra Foam Dispensing System will fit 1.2-litre cartridges that can be removed and replaced very easily in just seconds This product extends less than 10cm from the wall which is required for all ingress and egress locations, this will reduce the impact on the environment where it is located The Touch Free Ultra Foam Dispensing System is Biocote protected, it includes a silver-based antimicrobial agent that prevents the growth bacteria and mold. The Biocote will not wear out or rub off over time which makes it effective for the dispensers lifetime Dimensions of this product are 276mm H x 99mm W x 170mm L

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