Micral-Test 30 (Refrigerate) Cold Chain Lines for NON Metropolitan Deliveries are SHIPPED SEPARATELY

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Chemstrip Micral Test Strips are an optically read immunoassay to detect albumin in urine samples. When the test strip is dipped into a urine sample, urine passes via a wick fleece into the conjugate fleece. Any albumin present in the sample binds itself specifically to the gold-labeled antibodies. Excess antibody-gold conjugate is bound by immobilized albumin in a capture zone, so that the detection field is reached only by conjugate molecules charged with the urinary albumin. Depending on the albumin concentration, the detection field assumes a color ranging from white to red.
The Micral-Test strip is an easy to use test designed to deliver quick and accurate results, specific for human albumin and sensitive across the diagnostic range. Suitable for all patient groups, the Micral-Test strip is a cost efficient way to gain actionable health information.
Features and Benefits:

The Micral-Test® strip is based on an immuno­logical test principle using gold-labelled monoclonal antibodies with a chromogenic color indicator enabling confidence in results.
 The Micral-Test® is used as an aid in early diagnosis of microalbuminuria via detection of microalbumin in urine.
 After 60 seconds, the result is ready for visual reading with a convenient color comparison on the strip box. The Micral-Test strip is easy to handle.


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