Avanos Corflo Nasogastric/Nasointestinal Feeding Tube Anti-Clog With Enfit Connectors 12Fr - All Sizes

Packaging: Each
Length- Stylet - Sterilization: 91cm(36In.) - Without Stylet - Non-Sterile (40-1362)
Sale price$88.95


This 12Fr 109cm ENFit Corflo Ultra Lite catheter boasts an improved design for easier insertion, providing a comfortable and efficient experience. Its compact and lightweight construction makes it perfect for on-the-go use. Made without a stylet, this catheter offers a flexible, yet sturdy solution for various medical procedures.

Product Information

The CORFLO* Nasogastric/Nasointestinal Feeding Tube is specially made for feeding nutrients directly into the stomach or intestines. Each tube comes with features that ensure it works well and is easy to use, such as a tip that prevents clogging, measurements along the tube, and a tip that becomes slippery when wet. There are different types available, giving healthcare professionals the choice of connectors like ENFit, Universal, and Anti-IV. Made by Avanos Medical, these tubes come in various lengths and sizes and are known for their quality and innovation in feeding nutrition directly into the body.

Product Features

  • Available with or without weights
  • Optional stylet (a thin guide)
  • Various connector options: ENFit, Universal, Anti-IV
  • Prevents clogging
  • Marked in centimeters
  • Safe for MRI if the stylet is removed
  • Allows for easy fluid flow
  • Shows up on X-rays
  • Tip and inside of the tube are slippery when wet (only for stylet tubes)

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