Avanos MIC Balloon Bolus Gastrostomy Feeding Tube With Enfit Connectors Gamma Sterile - All Size

Size: 12Fr - (2-3)ml - 5ml - Tapered Distal Tip (8110-12LV)
Sale price$177.00


This 24Fr 7-10ml Balloon ENFit MIC Bolus Balloon Gastrostomy Tube features a 18Fr size and 7-10ml balloon, providing secure and convenient feeding for patients. Made with ENFit technology for accurate medication and formula delivery. Designed for efficient and safe gastrostomy procedures.


The MIC* Bolus G Feeding Tube is designed for patients who need bolus feeding, where a syringe is used to administer food directly into the stomach through a tube. It is available in various sizes and also comes with extension sets to ensure a good fit for each patient. Avanos Medical, a leading provider in enteral feeding, offers this tube as part of their range of high-quality feeding tubes and accessories for both adults and children.

Quality Features

This feeding tube is made from clear, medical-grade silicone which allows for easy inspection and flexibility. It features a universal connector that prevents the tube from disconnecting accidentally and increases the tube’s durability. For additional patient comfort, it includes an inflatable balloon inside the tube. It is also compatible with ENFit Connectors.

Product Features

  • Works with ENFit Connectors
  • Constructed from medical-grade silicone
  • Designed with a recessed tip at the end
  • Features an inflatable silicone balloon inside for better placement
  • Includes a SECUR-LOK* external retention ring to secure the tube
  • Contains a radiopaque stripe for visibility under X-ray
  • Approximately 20cm long
  • The specifications provided here are the latest but may change as the product is improved.

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