AeroStep™ Adhesive Forefoot Pad 2pk

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AeroStep™ Adhesive Forefoot Pad is an adhesive and transparent gel protector for the sole area of the forefoot. Its thin and discreet design is ideal for high heels sandals or any open shoes. It is adhesive non-slip and cushions the area. DIRECTIONS: Remove plastic backing. Place gel pad on the desired area. Wash with warm water and let dry. Use for more than 16 hours per day is not recommended.     TOPICAL USE ONLY - DO NOT PUT IN CONTACT WITH OPEN WOUNDS. DO NOT CLEAN WITH ALCOHOL. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. THIS PRODUCT IS NOT A SUBSTITUTE FOR PROFESSIONAL ATTENTION FROM A HEALTHCARE PRACTITIONER. DIABETICS AND PEOPLE WITH BLOOD CIRCULATION PROBLEMS SHOULD CONSULT WITH A PHYSICIAN BEFORE USE.

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