AeroStep™ Gel Heel Protector 2pk

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Introducing AeroStep™ Gel Heel Protectors: Engineered for Comfort Designed for Durability. Heel Comfort Redefined: AeroStep Gel Heel Protectors offer an easy solution to the common issue of heel discomfort. By providing a cushioning layer directly behind the heel they mitigate the impact and pressure that can lead to pain and blisters ensuring your feet feel supported from morning till night. Discreet Protection: Crafted from a clear gel material these protectors are virtually invisible when worn maintaining the aesthetic appeal of your footwear while providing the necessary protection against friction and irritation caused by shoes. The discreet protection means these cushions are suitable for a wide range of footwear including heeled shoes. Steadfast Adhesion: Incorporating cutting-edge non-slip technology AeroStep Gel Heel Protectors are designed to stay firmly in place throughout the day eliminating concerns about shifting or adjusting for a worry-free wearing experience. Universal Compatibility: With a design that's considerate of diverse footwear styles these gel protectors are suitable for an extensive range of shoes making them a versatile addition to any wardrobe. Ideal for individuals seeking a practical solution to heel pain without compromising on style.     TOPICAL USE ONLY - DO NOT PUT IN CONTACT WITH OPEN WOUNDS. DO NOT CLEAN WITH ALCOHOL. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. THIS PRODUCT IS NOT A SUBSTITUTE FOR PROFESSIONAL ATTENTION FROM A HEALTHCARE PRACTITIONER. DIABETICS AND PEOPLE WITH BLOOD CIRCULATION PROBLEMS SHOULD CONSULT WITH A PHYSICIAN BEFORE USE.

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