AEROTAPE Silk Fabric Adhesive Tape 5cm x 5M Box/3

Sale price$16.40


AeroTape Silk Fabric Adhesive Tape is a premium, hypoallergenic tape, ideal for use on sensitive skin. Made from a soft and breathable silk fabric that conforms to the body, providing comfort and flexibility. The adhesive is medical-grade, gentle, and skin-friendly and specially formulated to minimize irritation and pain during removal. This tape can be used to secure bandages, IVs, tubing, and other medical devices, as well as for wound care, and is perfect for hospitals, clinics, and home healthcare environments. The silk fabric's natural properties also make it ideal for use in situations where a discreet and aesthetically pleasing appearance is desired. The 5cm x 5m tape provides a larger-sized Elastic Fabric Adhesive Tape for discreetly fixating items.

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