AEROTAPE Tan Kinesiology Pro Sports Tape 5cm x 5m

Sale price$9.20


AeroTape Kinesiology Pro Sports Tape is redefining performance with a solution designed to meet the rigorous demands of sports and activities. Perfect for athletes trainers and sports enthusiasts of all levels. Whether you're dealing with an existing injury looking to prevent future ones or seeking to enhance your performance AeroTape Sports Tape is your go-to solution. Key Features: Superior Adhesion: Our innovative adhesive technology ensures that the tape stays in place through sweat strain and motion providing support exactly where you need it from start to finish. Optimal Flexibility: Designed to mimic the natural elasticity of your skin AeroTape offers a perfect balance of flexibility and stability enabling full range of motion while safeguarding against sprains and strains. Breathable & Comfortable: Ultra-thin lightweight and made with porous fabric AeroTape allows your skin to breathe ensuring comfort over long periods of wear even in the most intense conditions. Water-Resistant: Whether you're training in the rain or diving into your post-workout shower our water-resistant design ensures that the tape remains effective and comfortable. Easy Application & Removal: AeroTape can be easily applied to any area and it comes off smoothly without causing skin irritation or leaving sticky residue.  

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