AEROWOUND Alginate Dressing 10 x 10cm Box/10

Sale price$22.20


AeroWound Alginate Dressings provide an advanced wound care solution designed to provide a moist healing environment. Naturally derived from seaweed AeroWound is an ideal choice for various wound types. On contact with wound exudate the dressing transforms into a soft gel maintaining a moist healing environment which is conducive to wound healing and assists in pain reduction. Features: Optimized Healing Environment: Our dressings ensure a moist wound environment speeding up the natural healing process. High Absorbency: Specially crafted to absorb wound exudate efficiently minimising the risk of maceration. Natural Seaweed Derivative: Made from natural seaweed providing bio-degradable eco-friendly care. Soft & Conforming: Flexible design adheres comfortably to the wound contours ensuring patient comfort. Easy Removal: Designed to gel up upon contact with exudate for painless removal reducing patient trauma. Safety Considerations: For external use only. Always read the label and follow the directions for use.  

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