Avanos 16Fr Mic-Key Low-Profile Gastric-jejunal Feeding Tube With Enfit Extension Sets - All Sizes

Stoma Length: 1.0cm
Jejunal length: 15cm
Sale price$740.00



This 16Fr MIC-KEY tube is designed for gastric-jejunal feeding with ENFit extension sets. Its low profile design provides comfort and reduces the risk of dislodgement. With its optimal length and size, it allows for easy feeding and improved nutritional delivery.

The MIC-KEY* Gastric-Jejunal Feeding Tube Kit (ENFit) with Extension Sets is specifically designed for the needs of both pediatric and adult patients who require simultaneous jejunal feeding and gastric decompression. The design incorporates multiple features to enhance functionality and ease of use:

  1. Multiple Jejunal Exit Ports: This feature allows for improved distribution of nutrients directly into the jejunum.
  2. Weighted Jejunal Portion: The weighting helps maintain the tube's position within the jejunum to ensure consistent nutrient delivery.
  3. Radiopaque Stripe: This stripe is designed to be visible under X-ray, aiding in the accurate placement and monitoring of the tube.
  4. Clearly Marked Gastric and Jejunal Ports: These markings facilitate correct and safe connections for feeding and decompression.
  5. Variety of Sizes and Lengths: The range of sizes and lengths available ensures a fit for a wide spectrum of patient anatomies and needs.
  6. ENFit® Extension Sets Included: These sets are compatible with ENFit® connectors, which are standard for enteral devices, providing secure connections to prevent disconnections and leaks.

This kit is a comprehensive solution for patients needing complex nutritional support and gastric pressure relief, combining safety, precision, and convenience in its design.

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