Avanos 18Fr, Mic-Key Low-Profile Jejunal Tube Enfit Extension Sets - All Sizes

Length: 0.8cm (8230-18-0.8)
Sale price$740.00


Upgrade your feeding system with our 18Fr MIC-KEY Low Profile Jejunal Tube, featuring ENFit extension sets for easy and secure feeding. With a various lengths available, this tube provides comfortable, reliable feeding for those with jejunal needs. Trust in our industry-leading technology for optimal nutrition.


The MIC-KEY* Low-Profile Gastrostomy Feeding Tube with ENFit® Connectors and SECUR-LOK* (CE) is designed to be discreet and easily hidden, making it suitable for almost everyone. It is made from a clear, high-quality silicone that is flexible and visible. The tube features an inflatable balloon inside that keeps it in place, and a specially designed connector that helps extend the tube's life and prevent accidental removals.

Avanos Medical, a leader in creating the first feeding tube with a balloon that stays in place for stomach feeding, offers a variety of top-quality feeding tubes and accessories for both children and adults, aimed at efficient delivery of nutrition and medicine.

Product Features:

  • Kit includes the MIC-KEY* Feeding Tube, an insertion tool (only in the US), a water-soluble lubricant (only in the US), two different sets of 12-inch feeding tube extensions with ENFit® connectors, two sizes of syringes, and a gauze pad.
  • Easy to hide under clothes
  • Minimal disruption to clothing
  • Available in different sizes
  • Sterile and made from medical grade silicone
  • Free from natural rubber and latex
  • Sleek, low-profile design
  • Note: The specifications can vary slightly. This description is based on the latest available information, but product details may change over time without prior notice.

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