Avanos BALLARD Closed Suction System Clear T-Piece Box of 20 - All Types

Type: 12Fr 4mm 54cm - Endotracheal (2155-5)
Sale price$648.38


Expertly designed for efficient and safe suctioning, the Avanos BALLARD Closed Suction System is a must-have for medical professionals. With a clear T-piece and 20 pieces per box, this product offers superior performance and convenience. Trust in its proven effectiveness and practicality for all types of suction needs.

Avanos BALLARD Closed Suction Systems come in different types: dry and WET PAK (Saline Vials).

  • Standard and Double Swivel Elbow: These have dual swivels for flexibility without many connectors.
  • T-Piece
  • Directional and Dual Lumen styles

They are available in both Endotracheal and Tracheostomy lengths. The catheters are numbered, which helps clinicians control how far they insert them.

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