CARDIACT Alarmed AED Cabinet 49 x 35.5 x 14.5cm

Sale price$247.00


Secure accessible and ready for action! Elevate your emergency response strategy with the CC-30 AED Cabinet—because when it comes to saving lives every detail counts. Affordability Meets Reliability: The CC-30 is engineered to provide secure protection for your AED at a price that makes it achievable for large scale roll outs. Its cost-effective design ensures that businesses schools and community centers can enhance their emergency response capabilities without compromising on quality or security. Secure Yet Accessible: Being able to lock your AED Cabinet prevents unauthorized access ensuring that the AED remains tamper-free and ready for use. In the event of an emergency rest assured that authorized personnel can gain quick access to the life-saving equipment within seconds thanks to its user-friendly opening clasp. Alert System for Immediate Response: The moment the CC-30's door is opened its integrated alarm system is activated sending an audible alert that ensures immediate attention and action. Designed to deter misuse and theft this also works to mobilize rapid response from bystanders and medical personnel in the event of a sudden cardiac arrest emergency. In an era where preparedness is paramount the CC-30 AED Cabinet is more than just a storage solution—it's a commitment to safety a beacon of reliability and a critical asset for life saving equipment.  

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