CARDIACT Yellow Poly AED Sign - No Training Required 22.5 x 30cm

Sale price$31.20


The CARDIACT Yellow Poly AED Sign is a flat signage used to indicate the location of an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) in emergency situations and includes the additional text No Training Required. This particular sign measures 22.5 x 30cm offering a noticeable presence in various settings. Made from durable yellow poly material the sign ensures high visibility even in low-light or high-traffic areas. The bright yellow color is specifically chosen to enhance visibility and grab attention allowing individuals to quickly locate the AED when every second counts. The poly material is known for its weather-resistant properties making the sign suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments. The flat design of the sign allows for easy installation on walls doors or other flat surfaces. It can be securely mounted using adhesive screws or other appropriate fastening methods. The compact size of the sign ensures that it can be placed in strategic locations without obstructing the surroundings or causing inconvenience. The CARDIACT Yellow Poly AED Sign effectively raises awareness about the presence and location of AEDs facilitating prompt access to life-saving equipment during critical situations.  

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