Comfort Shield Barrier Cloth (3 Pack)

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Incontinence moisture can lead to painful skin breakdown or even infection.Our thick, ultra-soft Shield Barrier Cream Cloths contain a skin protectant to seal out incontinence moisture. Unlike messy creams and lotions, our all-in-one cloths make sure you protect skin with each cleanup.Shield Barrier Cream Cloths make it easy to protect skin from incontinence moisture that can lead to a condition that nurses call Incontinence-Associated Dermatitis, or IAD. IAD is inflammation or damage that can occur to the skin around the genital area after contact with urine or feces.2Unlike other pastes and creams, each cloth contains our long-lasting dimethicone barrier cream, which goes on clear so you can monitor skin for signs of redness or irritation. The all-in-one cloths are gentle on skin, yet strong enough to stand up during cleanup.

Gentle, rinse-free cleansers help clean skin
Enriched with moisturizers to keep skin soft
3% dimethicone barrier seals out wetness to treat and protect skin
Portable package

Our 3% dimethicone formula was proven equivalent to traditional tube barrier creams by Northwestern University's Department of Dermatology.3 Unlike those sticky, hard to remove creams, our dimethicone barrier dries and comes in a convenient cloth, not a tube.Clean, treat, and protect skin in one simple step

Cleans, treats, and protects against incontinence related skin irritation
3 large cloths/pack (8.5” x 8.5”)
Contains 3% dimethicone barrier cream to seal out wetness
Hypoallergenic, not made with natural rubber latex
Easy-tear package for portable use

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