Coplus Cohesive Bandages Ass Colour Pack of 6 7.5cm x 3m

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Co-Plus adheres to itself, but not to the patient or clothing. This provides non-slip support and compression with less trauma for the patient. No pins or clips are required to hold the bandage in place. Co-Plus flexible cohesive bandage is a combination of high-strength nylon fibres and elastic yarns.

Four-layer bandaging system component - Layer 4
Retention of dressings
General support and compression of soft tissue injuries
Prophylaxis against sports injuries
Ideal for Veterinary use as does not stick to fur or hair
Convenient to use
40% longer than other cohesive
Highly versatile and easy to use, Co-Plus is hand tearable in both directions
Co-Plus sticks only to itself, not to the skin. This makes the bandage easy to apply and allows effortless, pain free removal.
The unique construction provides consistent, non-slip support
Flexible substrate means that Co-Plus is able to conform even to the most awkward body contours
Porous structure aids skin breathability
Hand washable for repeat use
Choice of colours
Available in a flesh colour and a wide variety of other colours, making Co-Plus not only functional, but also attractive
Mixed colour packs contain blue, light blue, red, purple, neon pink and neon green


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