Deb Cleanse Shower 1000 BioCote Dispenser 1Litre

Sale price$2.70


The Deb Stoko Cleanse 1 L shower dispenser is ideal for mounting in hotel, gym or other guest bathrooms for easy shower gel & shampoo dispensing. It's designed to be used with the Estesol® 1 L Hair & Body gel that's pleasantly fragranced, refreshing and invigorating.

Measured dose ensures only the required amount of product is dispensed for maximum cost efficiency.Dispensers are Lockable.Large buttons make dispenser easy to use.Wipe clean surfaces make dispenser
quick and easy to maintain.Non-Drip, Non-Clog leaves no mess.Protected by Biocote(R) a silver based antibacterial agent that inhibits the growth of bacteria and moulds.Guaranteed for life.

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