Dermalux Soft Towel Lotion 1 Litre Pump Each

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Dermalux Soft Towel Lotion is a mild, natural, organic lotion for cleansing skin. Developed and manufactured in Australia, Dermalux Soft Towel Lotion has effectively been used in Hospital and Aged Care since the mid 1980’s as a preferred bed bathing method.Dermalux Soft Towel Lotion cleanses and refreshes skin whilst maintaining skin integrity, without dryness or irritation. The natural ingredients used in Dermalux Soft Towel Lotion nourish the natural constituents of the epidermis and balances the skin’s pH.Dermalux Soft Towel Lotion is a naturally saponified lotion designed for hospital in-patients, post-surgical or aged care residents. A key feature is its rapid evaporation which enhances the action of the specially selected emollients to improve skin integrity.

Therapeutically beneficial
Increases patient privacy and comfort
Environmentally friendly
User friendly

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