Esmarch Rubber Bandage 7.5cm x 3.2m

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Anetic Aid also offer the traditional Esmarch Bandage for limb exsanguination.
Life expectancy for this product is dependent on the level of care & maintenance. The product is guaranteed against defects found on delivery. The product is manufactured from a polymer-based compound and is silicone coated.Latex-free. Products are CE marked under the MDD 93/42/EECStorage • Store in a cool dry place away from radiators and other heat sources Inspection • The product should be visually inspected for damage or deterioration on a daily basis – discarding any exhibiting cracks, large blisters, holes, or undue softening. Do not attempt to repair tears or splits Cleaning (by hand) • Clean the product with warm water and neutral detergent and dry the surfaces thoroughly using a soft cloth. Adequate drying is crucial in the care and maintenance of this product Sterilisation • Prepare the device by folding in such a way that the process will access all surfaces. It is recommended that each device is wound in the paper wrap before sterilisation • Use only either CE marked or validated vacuum autoclave operating at 134 - 137°C 2.25 bar for maximum holding time of 3 minutes on a normal rubber cycle – always follow the instructions of the machine manufacturer. Lower temperatures will extend the product's life. Adequate drying is crucial in the care and maintenance of this product Other forms of cleaning • Proprietary brands of scold sterilants may be used provided the manufacturer’s instructions are followed. • Ethylene Oxide Gas Method (ETO) may be used provided sufficient aeration is subsequently employed. Dry sterilisation must not be used for rubber products


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