Face Mask Qualitative Fit Test Kit Bitter (Bittrex) FT-30

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The 3MTM Qualitative Fit Test Kit FT-30 Bitter is designed for fit-testing any negative pressure respirator e.g. 3MTM Disposable and Resusable Half Face Respirators.The 3MTM Qualitative Fit Test Apparatus Kit contains: a laminated instruction booklet, sensitivity solution, fit test solution, two nebulisers, one hood, one collar assembly and two sets of replacement nebuliser inserts.

FT-30 uses a test solution of denatonium benzoate to produce a very bitter taste
Replacement parts are available
Spare parts are: Sensitivity Solution FT-11 Sweet & FT-31 Bitter, Fit Test Solution FT-12 Sweet & FT-32, Fit Test Nebulizer FT-13, Fit Test Hood FT-14
3MTM Qualitative TEst Apparatus Kit - Bitter (Bitrex) > 70070709640 // R-Qualitative Fit Test Apparatus Kit Bitter (Bitrex) [1 kit/carry case]

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