First Aid Book Magnetic

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Dimensions: 230 x 200mm

The Fourth Edition of the First Aid Emergency Handbook had been fully updated in line with the revised CPR Guidelines issued by the Australian Resuscitation Council in December 2010.

The First Aid Emergency Handbook helps:
Untrained parents when one of the family is injured
Workmates in a workplace accident
First aid trainers explain what they are teaching
First aiders when they are administering first aid.

The First Aid Emergency Handbook fully meets the requirements of the Health Training Package.

The Handbook features a separate CPR section at the front of the book which is followed by an alphabetical listing of first aid topics. At the end of the Handbook there is a section on skills and procedures, with topics such as infection control and bandaging techniques. When you see the book you will understand why the Handbook is the only book to win the coveted Australian Design Award.

This First Aid Handbook is meant to be used as a reminder only and is not a complete guide to the recognition or management of any medical emergency. It does not attempt to replace the need for first aid training or medical advice.


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