Flocare Infinity Pack Set NO Port 95349 (B30)

Sale price$385.00


Features • Feeding sets will connect to ENFit™ syringes at the medication port for increased patient safety.

• Flocare® pack feeding sets connect to Nutrison and Nutrini packs by a plus shaped spike end (ENPlus), which can only be connected to enteral feed packs and containers, increasing patient safety.

• Flocare® universal feeding sets connect to Nutrison and Nutrini bottles by a screw connector.

• Flocare® Mobile Giving Sets are available with a convenient, shorter length of tubing to support mobile feeding.

• All Flocare® feeding sets are compatible with the Flocare® Containers (40441, 40455, 70139)

• Latex and DEHP free materials

• Coloured lilac to make a clear distinction from parenteral feeding systems For more information call the Nutricia Clinical Care Line 1800 060 051 NC2829-Sep17 F

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