Handisan Foam Hand Sanitiser Alcohol Free 200ml Ctn12

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Handisan® Sanitising Foam is a non-flammable, instant hand sanitiser - kills 99.999% of germs. Handisan® Sanitising Foam contains Lipidure®, a biomimetic moisturiser which hydrates skin, leaving hands feeling soft, smooth and refreshed.Handisan® Sanitising Foam is alcohol free and non-flammable. It is designed to be used instead of alcohol based hand rubs.Alcohol based hand rubs are classified as Dangerous Goods and therefore present a significant WHS risk, they are a potential fuel source and require special storage considerations. Using Handisan eliminates this risk.Handisan® Sanitising Foam is non-intoxicating and is suitable for use by at risk populations.Handisan® Sanitising Foam contains Lipidure®, a biomimetic moisturiser which increases the hydration of the skin. Biomimetic moisturisers replicate the skins natural ability to retain skin integrity. Loss of skin integrity is associated with occupational dermatitis.Handisan® Sanitising Foam is available in 55mL, 200mL and 1L packsizes.

Kills 99.999% of germs
Non-Hazardous & Non-Toxic
Contains Lipidure®, a biomimetic moisturiser
Fast acting

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