Handy Gauze Cohesive Retention Bandage 2.5cm x 2m Unstretch

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Handy Gauze Cohesive -Cohesive retention bandage.
Suitable for bandaging awkward anatomical areas, active patients with a low tolerance of adhesives.

Woven cotton, polyester and polyamide substrate with a latex coating
White gauze with no clips.  Comes in 2m or 10m in length.
Cohesive construction sticks to itself-not to the skin or clothing
Non slip, highly conformable construction allows bandaging of difficult areas.
Can be used for varying dressings and device retention tasks.
2.5cm x 2m
6cm x 2m or 6cm x 10m
8cm x 2m or 8cm x 10m
10cm x 2m  or 10cm x 10m


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