Hot/Cold Gel Pack Large 280x180mm (Nylon Cover Towel Bag)

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Bodichek Hot/Cold Large Canvas covered pack with one disposable wrap and a bonus disposable Instant cold pack.

Bodichek Hot/Cold pack is specially designed for comfortable and convenient application of heat or cold to painful areas of the body.

Directions of Use:
Cold Application:
Freeze for at least two hours and leave out for 15-20 minutes before application.  Insert into the cover provided or a towel before use.

Heat Application:
Hot water Method:
Boil approximately 4-5 litres of water
Remove water from the stove
Fully immerse the pack in water for approx. 10 minutes
Remove the pack from water and insert into the cover provided or a towel before use.
Microwave Method:
Fold the pack to ensure that it rotates freely without touching the walls inside the microwave
Try heating the pack 40/60 seconds (time will vary depending on the microwave power).
Rest the pack for a minute before testing its heat.  Do not handle the pack with bare hands
Turn the folded pack so the outer face is up in the microwave, in order to ensure even heating of the pack.  If the pack is not at the preferred temperature, try heating in increments of 10-20 seconds again resting after each time.
Shake the pack from time to time to distribute heated gel evenly.
Once you have the pack heated to a desired level, wrap it in the cover provided or a towel, and the pack is ready for use.
Do not use directly on the skin, always wrap the pack in its cover provided before use.
Do not use if the pack is punctured or found to be leaking
Use only as directed
Keep out of reach of children
Wash thoroughly if you come in contact with the gel
For repeated/extended use, consult your doctor
Persons who have circulatory or sensory problems, hypersensitivity to hot/cold therapy, or history of frostbite should consult a doctor before using this product.
Non Toxic Gel
CMC, Propylene Glycol, Water


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