Hydro-E 500ml Dispenser Multi Mode Spray Applicator 500ml Em

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Hydro-E Is leading the way in a new class of disinfectants and is the most advanced around the world.
Hydro-E No alcohol, 100% natural and non-toxic means that Hydro-E is safe for humans and the environment.
Hydro-E Begins to kill bacteria and viruses within seconds of contact and in only 30 seconds effectively kills COVID-19 assisting the clinical staff to perform the routine Infection Control process quickly.
Hydro-E Hospital Grade Disinfectant: How it works? Clinical data is displayed on the back of the brochure.
Hydro-E is an effective surface disinfectant spray disinfectant for use in:

Medical and Dental Surgeries,
Hospitals and Clinics,
Podiatry and Physiotherapy Clinics,
Nursing Homes,
Gyms and Fitness Centres,
Office, home, or factory,
Veterinary Practices.

 Hydro-E is ideal for use on:

Trolleys and shelving,
Walls, floors, tiles,
Washbasins and sinks.

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