KIS Silicone Tape 2.5cm x 3m

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KIS® Silicone Tape is made from soft silicone which is easy to apply and remove. It is ideal for sensitive and fragile skin.Protective Backing

High MVTR, Breathable.

Silicone Layer

Gentle and easy to apply. 
No residue


Fixation of medical devices and tubes.
Fixation of wound dressings.


Not suitable for fixation of arterial catheters and arterial cannulae.
Do not use this product on patients with known sensitivity to silicone and/or rubber.
Do not use on open wounds.


Soft and comfortable.
Easy to apply and remove.
Easy to cut.
Ideal for sensitive and fragile skin.
Minimises pain and trauma during dressing changes.
Can be used in combination with other dressings.

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