Kleenex Facial Tissues Executive 2 Ply 200's 4715

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One pack of Kleenex® large facial tissues contains 200 tissues, one case contains 24 packs• This large box of tissues contains more tissues than any other box in the Kleenex® facial tissue range• 10 blue sheets are used to indicate the end of the pack• Premium facial tissues delivering superior softness and absorption• The stylish pack design enhances the appearance of the workplace Kleenex® large box of facial tissues are designed with user satisfaction and comfort in mind. This box of Kleenex® facial tissues is the largest in the Kleenex® facial tissue range with 200 tissues per box, ideal for placement in busy workplaces. These facial tissues are trusted for their superior softness, whilst remaining strong and effective in use. The premium tissues deliver high quality absorbency with every use. Each box of Kleenex® facial tissues contains a finger tab for ease of opening and 10 blue signal sheets to indicate the end of pack. A lint guard is included with every box of tissues for protection on opening. Kleenex® 2-ply facial tissues are suitable for use across the workplace and are particularly suited to office and washroom use due to the stylish pack design. Made in Australia and FSC certified, Kleenex® facial tissues are an environmentally friendly addition to your washroom. Kleenex® facial tissues, by Kimberly-Clark Professional®, form part of a wider range of products designed to create a safer, healthier and more productive workplace.


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