Leukofix Tape 2.5cm x 9m

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Whenever possible, the tape should be matched to the individual patient’s skin and the specific use. Leukofix® is the tape of choice when speed is all- important – in emergencies and intensive care for example.

Leukofix® is a transparent tape with polyacrylate adhesive. The backing is made of perforated polyethylene film which is very easy to tear crosswise, length- wise and down the middle.
Goodinitialandpermanent adhesion.
Well tolerated by the skin.
Air and water vapour perme- able.
Can be torn crosswise, lengthwise and down the middle.
Conforms well to contoured parts of the body.
Removes painlessly and without leaving residue.
Chemically inert to plastics and rubber.
Thermostablefrom-20°to +70° C.
*reduced risk of allergies because of skin- friendly ingredients
Main Uses
Fixation of dressings of all types and sizes. Securing of cannulae, probes, catheters.


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