Leukoplast Skin Sensitive 2.5cm X 2.6m

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Fixomull skin sensitive is a wide area fixation for securing wound dressings and additional securement of devices. This fixation is ideal for highly sensitive and fragile skin.

Atraumatic removal
Atraumatic removal; with reduced risk of adhesive-related skin injuries and significantly reduced pain at removal or during a readjustment.

This wide-area fixation is permeable to air and water vapour; which protects periwound skin; prevents maceration and supports healing.

Extremely comfortable to wear
Being very pliable; makes it comfortable to wear and suitable for moving body parts.

Gentle fixation
Secure fixation of dressings or additional fixation of devices; yet gentle on highly sensitive; fragile or compromised skin; including elderly; infant; cracked; medication-damaged and diabetic skin.

Low allergy potential
Made from specific materials to ensure low sensitisation or allergy potential; making it ideal for those suffering from allergies to traditional adhesives.

Water-repellent for quick showers
The surface keeps dirt; water and debris away from the wound area to help prevent infection.

Retains adhesive strength even when readjusted multiple times.

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