LifePak RTS electrodes with QUIK-COMBO connector – Pediatric (for LP12, LP15 & LP20) Short Dated

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In a cardiac emergency every second counts which is why these adult electrode pads have been designed to be preconnected prior to use which eliminates the necessity to change electrode pads during a cardiac emergency saving time. With Edge System(TM) technology even current distribution is achieved which minimizes the risk of burns to the skin. The single set of electrodes is able to monitor the ECG provide noninvasive cardioversion and perform noninvasive pacing and defibrillation. These disposable QUIK-COMBO electrodes are designed to be used with QUIK-COMBO therapy cables designed specifically for your device and are intended to be used with a single patient. The lead wire is 2 feet (0.6 m) long. Due to the latex-free electrodes there is no latex allergy risk for the patient. It is recommended that only adults use the pads. In order to be safe and effective these electrodes should be used on children weighing between 0 and 15kg (0 to 33 lbs). 

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