Matrix Biofilm Remover Solution 1 litre

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Matrix® is a breakthrough in validated cleaning protocols. Matrix® has been demonstrated to remove conventional biological soils and bacterial biofilms. Cleaning of Medical Devices has been identified as the critical first step in any effective instrument reprocessing system. Bacterial biofilms in which both bacteria and other micro-organisms may be imbedded are more difficult to remove than conventional biological soils alone. Traditional cleaning solutions, most notably enzymatic detergent cleaners, have been demonstrated to be ineffective against bacterial biofilm soiling. Disease causing organisms have been proven to be transferred when protected within biofilms on improperly cleaned Medical Devices.Matrix® is specifically designed for use in Endoscopy, Central Sterilizing Departments and Dental Practices. Whiteley Medical work to support the efforts of Infection Preventionists and Infection Control Clinicians whose role is to develop, implement and direct initiatives that improve patient outcomes, reduce HAIs and related adverse events. We are committed to providing education and support for Infection prevention and Control in healthcare facilities through our comprehensive training programs, educational material and sales representatives.As per customer requests, Matrix® solution is now a visible colour prior to and during cleaning i.e. in kidney bowls, basins, tubing and stainless steel sinks. The colour change allows for easy monitoring during the cleaning process (for manual dilution and for use in Sinkmates).

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