Mediclean 500ml

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MEDICLEAN is a ready to use neutral detergent that gives a streak free finish on all surfaces. MEDICLEAN uses Whiteley Medical’s emulsion systems technology which enhances MEDICLEAN’s ability to remove oils and dirt that are encountered in everyday cleaning.MEDICLEAN is a Class 1 Medical Device and can be used to clean other Medical Device surfaces. MEDICLEAN has been formulated to replace most cleaning products and is totally compatible for cleaning before disinfection with Viraclean, hypochlorites and other hospital grade disinfectants. Do not mix with chemicals.MEDICLEAN aids in the Infection Control process because of its’ single use packaging which eliminates the need for decanting or dispensing of detergents. The elimination of Detergent dispensing systems means a reduction of risk associated with bacterial growth and contamination of Dispensing Systems and refillable bottles. Coupled with Viraclean this makes for simplification of the cleaning and disinfection process.


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