Microbeads Professional Heat Pack Large 30cmx40cm Black

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Therapack Professional MicroBeads provide a time released moist, heat therapy which is safe and effective. The heat therapy lasts for up to 30 minutes, with the beads retaining their moisture. The Professional Pack is fitted with a thermometer for optimal temperature control.
For Moist Heat Therapy: Place the moist heat pack into a clean microwave oven. If it is necessary to fold the pack to fit into your microwave, then fold it loosely. Halfway through the heating cycle, remove it and reverse the fold. Continue heating for the remaining time.
Begin by heating for 1 minute (60 seconds). Remove the product from the microwave and touch test. If additional heat is required continue to heat in 15 second intervals until the desired temperature is achieved.
Please note: As microwave ovens vary in power and heat always touch test the product after each heating interval to determine safe and uniform heat levels prior to applying to treatment area.
When used for moist heat 3 or 4 times continuously, a decrease in moisture output may occur. Simply let the product rest for 2 to 3 hours.

Fitted with a thermometer for ideal temperature control
Perfect shape to fit the neck contour
Helps relieve neck and shoulder pain
Maintains it’s heat for up to 30 minutes
Portable, hand washable and reusable
Odour and bacteria free
Safe, non-toxic, latex free and hypo-allergenic

To avoid possible injury – the moist heat pack should not be continuously applied for longer than thirty minutes during any two-hour period. Consult a medical professional about your source of pain and appropriate treatments prior to use. Use adult supervision for young children or elderly patients.

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