Microshield 4 Antiseptic Cassette 1.5l

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MICROSHIELD® 4 Chlorhexidine Surgical Handwash
Active ingredient: 4% w/v Chlorhexidine Gluconate
Topical antiseptic solution
Suitable for surgical hand washing
Effective antimicrobial activity with 4% CHG
Immediate, cumulative and residual activity
Contains emollients and moisturisers to care for the skin
1.5 Litre Cassette fits Hand or Elbow activated dispensers

Use undiluted.
Antibacterial hand washing:Deliver 5ml of product into wet hands. Wash hands for 30 seconds using proper hand washing technique. Rinse hands thoroughly and dry.
Surgical handwashing:
Repeat the above wash for 2 minutes. Perform standardised scrub technique. Rinse hands and forearms thoroughly and dry with a sterile towel.
Body washing and showering.
Wet body. Deliver sufficient product to work up a lather. Wash as usual. Rinse thoroughly and dry. .


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