Multigate MediCel Wipes 35 x 60cm Large

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Made from non-woven spun lace cellulose/polyester/viscose fabric, MediCel® is ideal for a wide range of cleaning applications. Its high strength, absorbency, and lasting performance when wet making it the perfect choice for high fluid procedures, such as mopping up spills and operating room hand drying.Multigate offers a range of latex-free towels and wipes that support all your general-purpose and more specialised cleaning requirements.MediClean™ is the softest, lowest-linting all-purpose towel.  A versatile towel that delivers lasting performance especially when wet. It is often used as a tray liner and for applications where the towel is soaked in water for long periods.

Superior wet and dry strength
Lasting performance, even in warm water
Absorbs up to 5.5 times its weight in fluid
Material: non-woven spun lace (50% Cellulose 35% Polyester 15% Viscose)
Towel Size: 60cm x 35cm (Large)
Soft and gentle on hands
Low Linting

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