Multigate Safepro40 Gown Reinforced Sterile XLarge C20

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Intended to be used during surgical procedures to protect both the patient and operating room personnel from the transfer of micro-organisms, body fluids and particulate material.

The SafePro40 surgical gown fabric is made from 40 gsm non-woven SMS polypropylene and is water repellent.
The colour of the surgical gown is blue.
The Reinforced gown where the inside reinforced material at critical areas of the gown, i.e. the inside of the sleeves and the inside front of the gown is made from 34 gsm white SS plus soft PE coating.

The seams along the sleeves of the gown are joined by glue process. This construction confers upon the gown added protection against strikethrough because of the absence of holes from stitching process.

The SMS material passed the flammability requirement of the US Consumer Product Safety
Commission federal standard for flammability of clothing textiles (CPSC 16 CFR Part 1610). Under this test the material is rated Class 1, the highest rating.
The critical zones of both Standard and Reinforced Gowns meet the barrier requirements of AAMI Level 3 specified in the AAMI PB70 and AATCC42 standard.

The sterile gowns are sterilized using Ethylene Oxide gas.
The material of the gown is not suitable for sterilization by irradiation.

Each unit pack of the gown consists of one gown with either 2 non-woven hand towels (L) or 1
huck towel.
These are wrapped in a non-woven sterile field 90x90cm made from SMS.
The unit packaging is a paper-plastics peel-able pouch.

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