Qlicksmart BladeFlask EVO-Yellow

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The Qlicksmart BladeFlask EVO is the latest innovation in scalpel safety – accommodating a wide range scalpel handles and blades including large autopsy scalpels, circular handles, and hexagonal handles.  Remove and contain up to 100 scalpel blades quickly and safely with the BladeFlask EVO.

Single-handed blade removal
Audible “click” sound signifies safe scalpel blade removal and containment
Built-in counter with automatic shutoff when maximum capacity is reached
Mount on a wall, bench, or trolley with the Qlicksmart universal Mounting Bracket (product code QBRGEN)
Puncture-proof sharps container which meets Australian Standard 4031:1992
Compliant with Australian Standard AS 3825:2020 and sharps safety practices
Comes under Engineering Controls as a passive-safety engineered device to prevent occupational injury and infection
Compatible with all BP standard scalpel handles, as well as Baron, circular, hexagonal, Lawton-long, and Post-mortem handles (PM 6 and 8)
Compatible with general surgery blades and Post-mortem range of blades.

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