Qlicksmart Snapit Ampoule Opener Metal 1-10ml Amps

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SnapIT was designed to protect users from injury when an ampoule exposes a sharp edge or shatters while being opened. With a simple “insert and snap” action, it offers users peace of mind when opening glass ampoules.One in three healthcare workers has experienced a cut when opening a glass ampoule by hand. Regrettably, many users and clinical administrators have underestimated the likelihood of these injuries. Cuts from glass ampoules can happen to anyone, including you, no matter how experienced you are in opening ampoules. Even a minor ampoule cut can restrict your clinical activities. More serious injuries such as tendon lacerations have been reported. Repeated personal injuries whilst opening ampoules, led an Australian registered nurse to invent the award-winning Qlicksmart SnapIT ampoule opener. Features:

Anti-roll technology
High-quality Plastic
Key Ring for on the go use
*Multi-use. O-ring can be replaced if lost or broken

SpecificationProduct Size: RegularCompatible Ampoules Sizes: 1-2ml, 5-10ml, 10-15mlAllowable Bulb Size: 7.15mm to 9.75mm


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