Remedy Hydrating Gel Wash 472ml

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Remedy Phytoplex® Cleansers are made for the most sensitive skin types, including skin damaged or at-risk due to age, irritants, physical stress, drying, incontinence, nutritional imbalance or other medical issues.  Phytoplex cleansing gels, sprays and lotions allow for the most effective application and  cleansing in the gentlest possible way.

Low-sudsing hydrating cleansing gel for use in the shower or as a no-rinse cleanser
Cleans and conditions both fragile hair and sensitive skin; sulfate-free formula helps maintain natural pH and moisture balance
Can be used on intact, irritated or denuded skin
Emollients and a touch of dimethicone help improve skin moisture; enhanced with Phytoplex and other botanicals
Ideal for everyone from neonates to geriatrics

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