Reynard Health Neutral Detergent Wipes Canister 160

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Reynard’s NZFSA Approved Neutral Detergent Wipes contain a neutral detergent that is ideal for surface cleaning. The alcohol and fragrance-free solution in our Wipes cleans surfaces effectively with no risk of tainting. They are also extremely gentle to the hands, being developed with ingredients frequently found in personal care wipes.
They are widely used in the Health sector for cleaning mattress covers and beds (tested and approved wipes for Howard Wright) as well as operating theatres and other areas, where harsh chemicals need to be avoided. Presented in a flip-top lid pack to prevent drying out.
Neutral Detergent Wipes can be used alone or as a ‘pre-step’ to disinfecting. They remove dirt and debris from surfaces or skin without irritating the hands or having an adverse effect on surfaces or equipment.

Low foaming, non ionic surfactant
Holds more moisture therefore using less wipes
Rinse Free – good for areas where there is limited access to water
Ensures correct concentration of neutral detergent and water is used
No need to dispense and mix chemicals
Fragrance free
No alcohol – can be used on vinyl and leathers
Lifts soiling without leaving residue
CE marked
20cm x 33cm
50 wipes per pack


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