SalivaScan 80902 9 panel Oral Fluid Drug Test (AMP BZO B

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The DrugCheck® SalivaScan™ oral fl uid drug test offers employment and insurance professionals fast, convenient testing for up to 10 drugs of abuse, with no requirement for gender-specifi c collection observation. A sponge saturation indicator ensures adequate specimen and the collection swab locks into the device for a tamper-evident and airtight seal.

Proprietary Antigen and Antibodies for Total Production Control
Detect THC Parent and Metabolite in One Strip
Saturation Indicator
Easy to Read Color-coded Strips
Custom Confi gurations Available
Made in the USA 


Detect up to 10 drugs in minutes
Sponge saturation indicator
Market-leading drug cutoffs – No buffer required
100% tamper-evident with sample held in airtight chamber for confirmation
One drug per strip for superior accuracy
Extraction ports for lab confirmation

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