Saraya Alsoft Health Care Disinfectant Hand Rub 500ml

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Alsoft Health Care Disinfectant Hand Rub is a new generation ABHR. Designed for use by the modern healthcare professional to assist them meeting the 5 Moments of Hand Hygiene. Saraya has developed a product with dispensing options for bottles making it easy for them to be located at the point of care. To assist HCWs with their hand rub technique the Alsoft solution is dispensed as an atomised mist which provides complete coverage and saturation of the high risk areas of the hands such as the nails and cuticles. Alsoft contains benzalkonium chloride which has residual activity on the skin, this combined with the ethanol makes Alsoft a powerful dual-active formula.Available in a range of sizes with dispenser options to suit all areas of the healthcare facilityHow to use: Apply 1/2 pump onto each hand, we recommend applying to finger tips, thumbs and palms. Continue rubbing until hands are dry. This should take 20-30 seconds.


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