Tensocrepe Bandages Medium White 15cm x 1.5m

Sale price$65.30


Tensocrepe® Medium Weight Light support crepe bandage is suitable for mild strains and sprains, mild oedema, firm device retention, eg back slabs. Used for patients with fragile skin or sensitivities to adhesives.
Made from Woven 100% cotton high twist yarns and bleached.  The Bandage is white, latex free and does not come with a clip.
Unstreteched lenght is 1.5m/Stretched 4.0m
Extensibility: 160%

Premium quality white bandage
Economical-can be washed and re-used
Cool and absorbent construction makes it comfortable for the patient
Provides good soft tissue support

Available sizes : 5cm, 7.5cm, 10cm, 15cm.


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