Tensoplast Adhesive Bandages 10cm x 2.5m

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Tensoplast Elastic adhesive bandage is for active patients who can tolerate adhesives, situations requiring very secure fixation/retention.  Ideal for muscle and tendon tears, post surgical procedures and oedema.
Cotton and rayon woven substrate spreed with air blown ZO adhesive.
Latex free and white with no clip and center line
Adhesive Type: Zine Oxide
Unstretched length 2.5m/stretched 4.5m
Extensibility is 80%

Aggressive zine oxide adhesive ensures very secure adhesion
Central yellow line facilitates application
Feathered selvedged edges improve comfort and stop fraying
Air blown adhesive allows the skin to breathe
Available sizes: 5cm, 7.5cm, 10cm


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