Tork Dispenser Toilet Paper Jumbo Jnr Roll (T2)

Sale price$74.70


This Tork T2 Twin Mini Jumbo Roll Toilet Paper Dispenser can hold 2 jumbo rolls and has a trigger release design ensuring that the first roll is completely empty before the second roll can be used. Toilet paper can easily be taken from the unit without having to touch it, promoting good hygienic habits. This dispenser can easily be refilled, using the clear front window as a guide to when the roll needs to be replaced.

This dispenser can be mounted on a bathroom wall or divider.
You can easily take toilet tissue without having to touch the unit, making it hygienic.
It is compact in size which makes it suitable for smaller sized bathroom areas.
It is lockable which prevents tampering between refills.
This dispenser has a trigger release to ensure that the first roll is completely used up, before patrons can use the second roll.
It has fibreglass reinforced teeth for easy tearing of paper.
It measures 152 x 448 x 254 mm.
It has a high gloss finish which makes it easy to clean.
It is white to blend in with pre-existing decor.

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